Musings, Muses and Artistic Moods…

What's on your reading list? Poetry? Pass time reading? Picture books?
What’s on your reading list? Poetry?
Pass time reading?
Picture books?

What are you reading these days? What are you bringing to the beach or to the waiting rooms? Now most of you will admit to reading content on your phones and tablets or the magazines in the waiting rooms of your doc offices or salons…but how many will be reading the book they found at the local library or the used book store or B&N? Have we forgotten about those places? Do you remember where your library is located? Do you remember the excitement of finding that perfect book to take on vacation with you?

It’s funny how things change – we still read but are we getting the same pleasure out of reading? Do we feel exhilarated and excited to turn the page and find out what happened to the heroine of the story or are we merely finding information on foods and medical updates and news on our favorite celebs?

Feeding our imagination and soul is just as important as finding out that Jennifer Anniston was married in secret or the Donald’s hair flipped 6 feet into the air at a political debate!

Let’s go back to those lazy, hazy days of late Summer during our youth when there were no smart-phones or tablets or laptops and grab an actual book with crisp pages and dog-eared corners, a glossy book jacket and special dedication in the first few pages. Let’s forget about the daily info that ‘pops-up’ on our homepage or in our email, alerting us to the latest craze, sale or trending celeb. Let’s pick up that old friend that will take us far away to a place that not only feeds our psyche but our soul as well.